Gorgeous 5ct Cushion set in 18kt yellow gold with diamonds aurrounding it, antique filigree side designs and a wheat chain.A 4.16ct Heart Cut Tanzanite, Violet/blue in color old D Block stone been in hiding, 50/50 stone color mix. Very fine clarity and cut. Will make a fabulous necklace center stone which we can set in platinum or a fabulous ring - which we actually have a design. Rare size 10mm almost 1/2inch and on SALE.

Caring For Your Jewelry

Heat and light can affect the color and durabilty of gemstones. Just as a sunburn will tan our skin, so too will sunlight fade and weaken certain gemstones such as topaz, amethyst, pearls and opals. Heat can fracture and dry out certain gemstones as well, such as opals and pearls.

Chemicals can also fade, or damage precious metals such as gold, platinum and silver, as well as certain colored gemstones. Because of this, it is advisable to remove jewelry before swimming, or using household cleaners.

We recommend cleaning jewelry with mild soap, warm water, and a soft brush. This is especially important for pearls as they are soft, and can easily be scratched. Be sure to use a stop drain, in case the gemstone comes loose from it's setting.

Jewelry should be left in a pouch or box when it's not in use. Tossing in a drawer of leaving it on top of of a dresser will eventually cause it to become scratched. As they draw moisture from the air, opals and pearls should NOT be stored in a dry area.

Most jewelry should be professionally cleaned about once a year to insure that it's brilliance lasts for years to come.

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